Shoretel ip 420 user manual

The Mitel IP phone will provide users with a two-line IP phone ideal for break rooms, lobbies and contact center environments. Product successfully added to your Shopping Cart.

Contact Us Shop. Mitel IP Phone Mitel MiCloud Connect Series. Quantity :. Add to cart. Eric D. Got it in two days and it worked perfectly. Atlas is now my go-to for telephony parts and equipment. Jeff C. Atlas Phones always comes through for me! I look forward to purchasing from them in the future. Randy W. Dwayne H. Stephen D. Robert J. Swinburne C. Kurt K. Hilary T. Wes H. Kim C. Doreen B. Brian M.Before you can use a phone with this system it must be manually configured with the necessary and unique network parameters.

To do this you must enter the phones configuration menu. At the Password prompt, enter the default passwordor the password provided by your system administrator, followed by the key. You have four seconds to enter the password, after which the phone enters normal operation with its current settings. Enter the values listed in the Table below when prompted.

Prompt Value Clear all Values? Press to continue IP Addr: Enter Press to continue.

IP420/IP420g Phone Documentation

Mask: Enter Press The phone downloads the latest bootROM and firmware from the ShoreTel server in Paris and in the process, reboots several times.

When the phone displays the date and time, the boot and upgrade process is complete. At the Password prompt, enteror the password provided by your system administrator, followed by the key. Enter the values listed in Table above when prompted. The phone downloads the latest bootROM and firmware from the ShoreTel server if necessary and in the process, reboots several times. Configuring a ShorePhone IP telephone Before you can use a phone with this system it must be manually configured with the necessary and unique network parameters.

Enter Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I am trying to add a couple of extra phones into a site we just finished off. They asked if I could add the phones in manually instead of using DHCP and option which they had before the server went down. They also cannot find a directory server, which I also cannot edit manually from the phone. This never used to be a problem with the series phones as you could edit EVERY single field no problem.

Why are some settings locked out from editing in the IP's? There must be some way of entering this manually for sites with small or unmanaged networks with no DHCP server and just a basic router, no?

Tags: None. Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by SeanZ View Post. Originally posted by bhaikalis View Post. Is this an exaggeration?? How does it take a couple of weeks to rebuild a DHCP server?? Couldn't you just configure DHCP on the site router instead? I already know how to enter these fields.

shoretel ip 420 user manual

The issue is that in this multi-site school system network, I would need to have the phone in the correct VLAN, otherwise, even with the other basic settings, the network will not allow connection to the HQ server at all unless the phone is in the correct VLAN with a set tag number. Maybe some kind of parameter in a custom Mac file will do it. Hmm in your case you can't see the HQ server until it's on the voice vlan though right?

You will need an ftp server with a root folder containing the phoneconfig files from your HQ server.Quick Links. Table of Contents. Page 4 Problems and Solutions Page 5 Rebooting Your Phone Related Documents Organization This document is divided into the following chapters Call Appearance Buttons and Programmable Buttons Soft Keys Page 10 Placing a Call on Hold or off Hold Answering and Switching Among Multiple Calls Transferring a Call Parking and Unparking Calls Figure 2 on page 10 shows the ports on the back of the phone.

These buttons can also be programmed to speed dial a number or perform one-button call functions such as silent monitor. You can determine if your phone is assigned to Logging in to the Voicemail System If you are a new user in the ShoreTel system, you need to log in to the voicemail system to record your name and personal greeting.

For details, see Logging in to Voicemail from Your Phone on page Page Operating Your Phone To place a call, you can use the handset, the speakerphone, or a headset. Using the Handset to Place a Call 1.


To place a call, pick up the handset and dial a phone number. To end the call, hang up the handset. Page Answering Calls To answer a call, you can use the handset, the speakerphone, or a headset. Depending on how you set your automatic off-hook preference or how your administrator set this option in ShoreTel Director, you can also answer a call through your speakerphone or headset using either of the following methods: Press the blinking green call appearance button.

Page 18 2. To end the call, do one of the following: If you use a wired headset, press the button again. Press the Exit soft key. Page Red, steady Whisper page mute is active. Do not disturb On a call Using Voicemail To access your voicemail messages, press the Voicemail button. For complete details about voicemail, see Chapter 4, Using Voicemail on page For details about the presence icons, Table 4 on page Sending a Whisper Page through Directory If your ShoreTel administrator has given you the necessary permissions, you can break into an active call to speak with someone on an internal extension without the remote caller hearing the interruption.Quick Links.

See also: Quick Reference Manual. ShoreTel IP Phone Table of Contents. Contents of this publication may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without prior written authorization of ShoreTel, Inc.

ShoreTel, Inc. Page 4 Rebooting Your Phone Related Documents Call Appearance Buttons Adjusting the Display Contrast Figure 1 provides an overview of the IP phone components.

Conference Calling with a ShoreTel IP Phone

Display area Navigation key pad and selector button Handset with Select options in the interface. You cannot program these buttons for other functions. If the phone displays DID, it indicates that it has not been registered with the system.

shoretel ip 420 user manual

Press the Voicemail button. Enter the extension number assigned to you by your system administrator. Enter the password provided by your ShoreTel Connect administrator or authorized contact and press.

shoretel ip 420 user manual

If prompted, enter a new password followed by. Page Operating Your Phone 1. To place a call using the speakerphone, press the button and dial a phone number. The LED in the button lights green, and the call is dialed. To end the call, press the button again. Page Answering Calls To answer a call, you can use the handset, the speakerphone, or a headset. Depending on how you set your automatic off-hook preference in the ShoreTel Connect client or how your administrator set this option in ShoreTel Connect Director, you can also answer a call through your speakerphone or headset using either of the following methods: Press a blinking green call appearance button.

Page 15 Using a Headset to Answer a Call If you plan to use a headset to answer calls, use the ShoreTel Connect client to designate your wireless or wired regular headset as your default auto off-hook preference.For example, if the mean (or standard deviation) of the values of variable A that were taken into account in calculating its correlation with variable B is much lower than the mean (or standard deviation) of those values of variable A that were used in calculating its correlation with variable C, then we would have good reason to suspect that those two correlations (A-B and A-C) are based on different subsets of data, and thus, that there is a bias in the correlation matrix caused by a non-random distribution of missing data.

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ShoreTel 420 Manuals

The equality of variances assumption can be verified with the F test, or you can use the more robust Levene's test. If these conditions are not met, then you can evaluate the differences in means between two groups using one of the nonparametric alternatives to the t- test (see Nonparametrics and Distribution Fitting).

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