Imjaystation 3am challenge

Tonight my dead boyfriend texted me at 3am and i tried texting him back. For more videos let's hit 30k likes! You are supposed to be able to summon Ben Drowned with cleverbot chat AI. It actually worked and Ben Drowned came to my house in real life.

This is how to summon ben drowned at 3am with cleverbot! For more 3am challenges summoning creepypastas subscribe to ImJaystation! It is said that if you ask the magic 8 ball questions at 3am something happens!

This is why you dont play the magic 8 ball at 3am! This 3 am challenge with the magic 8 ball was very cool but scary at the same time! We found an abandoned cabin in the woods and went inside!

Imjaystation found Ouija Boards inside of the haunted forest and played the challenge! It had gone wrong when zozo appeared on the ouija board!

For more 3am Challenges and amazing youtube videos subscribe to ImJaystation and hit the like button! Tonight ImJaystation tries seeing what is inside his dark web giant teddy bear by cutting it open.

For more videos lets hit 30k likes!

imjaystation 3am challenge

Tonight ImJaystation gets a tattoo of his girlfriends name on his body!! For more videos let's hit 40k likes! We finally unmasked michael myers at 3am and his face is not what we expected!

Unmasking Michael myers from Halloween was not hard. All we had to do was facetime michael myers at 3am. For more unmasked videos subscribe to ImJaystation. During our hide and seek he actually gets in!

imjaystation 3am challenge

The dark web hitman tried to get us but so we tried unmasking him. For more 3am challenge with kermit the frog subscribe to ImJaystation.

This is a game you can play to have nightmares of a girl wearing a white kimono! The girl with the white kimono actually came into the room at 3am and it had gone wrong!Jason Ethier born: October 17, [age 29]better known online as ImJayStationis an extremely controversial Canadian YouTuber who is infamous for his 3AM challenges and clickbait. Mickey Mouse. Charlie Has Nuka-Cola Z Grand GR.

Wookiee bear. Eric Cartman Mr Guy. From Atrocious YouTubers Wiki. You know what they say, when you screw up on the internet, it's there forever. You are not allowed to post comments. Sort by date Sort by score. Enable comment auto-refresher. You are ignoring the author of this comment Show comment Manage ignore list. Shadowalx one month ago. Score 2. Kesner one month ago. Score 0.

Botbuster 29 days ago. Amazingtoludada one month ago.

imjaystation 3am challenge

Score 1. I'd use that gif of Sandbar dancing like usual but I already posted it on this page so Hendicted one month ago. When this guy dies im gonna do a 3AM video on him or Ouija bord or whatever. WageTheGoblin12 one month ago. Amazingtoludada 2 months ago. Score 4. PokkenFan 2 months ago. Hendicted 2 months ago. WageTheGoblin12 2 months ago. I really hope YouTube takes JayStation's ads away from him. Because he deserves to get community guideline strikes.

Score 3. Kesner 2 months ago. Even if he is arrested, I still don't know how he uploaded a video even if he was arrested JDM one month ago. If he does another shit, i will infect him with a maxed Neurax Worm. NeptunePerson 2 months ago. Score 8. Portrock 2 months ago.Unsurprisingly, the video was panned by Etika's supporters and the vast majority of the YouTube community. The video has been heavily dislike bombed with k dislikes over 27k likes. Even Memetastic of all people hated it as well.

From Atrocious YouTubers Wiki. Etika died! Today, though, I'm gonna do an Etika Ouija board challenge! You are not allowed to post comments. Sort by date Sort by score. Enable comment auto-refresher.

You are ignoring the author of this comment Show comment Manage ignore list. StressedEric one month ago. Score 0. This is so sick, Why would You make money on a Death. Imjaystation Is One Sick Bastard. Hendicted one month ago. Score 2. Inkster one month ago. What kind? Kesner one month ago. Did Jay really think that we wouldn't notice that he deleted the video?YouTube screenshot ImJayStation. YouTuber ImJayStation, whose real name is Jason Ethier, 28, is under fire after posting a video where he claims to talk to rapper Mac Miller in the afterlife.

Pittsburgh MC Miller died last month. Miller was just 26 when he suffered a fatal overdose. But for the Mac Miller video, he caught a lot of flack. Today we decided to call jesus and the devil at 3am on two way calling!

It actually worked and when we called it was crazy. Do not call and at the same time at 3am in the morning and this is why!

Calling god and calling the devil is sort of nerve wracking. If you want to see more 3am challenges let me know in the comments! It certainly has parents hand-wringing. A dare, the challenge has participants doing things like using Ouija board or telephone or even praying to attempt to awaken a spirit at 3 a.

Ethier uses an electronic voice phenomenon EVP device which he says scans radio waves to find ghosts.


Mac Miller dies at the young age of 26 and speaks about Ariana Grande during the spirit box session at 3am. For more 3am challenges subscribe to ImJayStation. Even the video description upset some people but it was the fact that he was making money off the obviously bogus communication with the late rapper that incensed many. Miller and Grande were a longtime couple. They broke up and Miller, who struggled with substance abuse and depression, appeared to go downhill after.

Ethier keeps up the questioning of the sounds coming from the EVP speaker. People were mostly angry about the fact that Ethier was using his platform, which earns him hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars a day to exploit Miller.

And on and on. The video has been viewed nearlytimes since its upload on Sept.

(Scary) Ordering Zombie Potion from the DARK WEB at 3AM Challenge (ImJayStation had to SAVE ME)

Do not go to disney world or disney land ever!! This is why. Ethier, who did a similar video where he tried to contact murdered rapper XXXTenaction, was arrested and charged with trespassing and resisting at Disney World in May after he accused Disney security of stealing his camera bag. He was asked to leave and refused. Ethier alleged after he went through the theme park security checkpoint his camera bad that had an expensive set-up and a lot of cash was gone.

He said security stole his bag. He began fighting verbally with security, cursed and yelled at them. The Ouija Board is the original Spirit Box that is used to contact spirits or loved ones that have passed away.Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Close Menu. Welcome to season 1! Vlogs, overnight challenge, 3am challenges, box forts, and more! Director Jay Starring Jay. Watch with Prime Start your day free trial. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Episodes 25 1. Subtitles Subtitles. Audio Languages Audio Languages. While searching for aliens at 3 am my best friend went missing and is now a missing person.

The storm area 51 trend made us want to search for U. O's and aliens. There have been lots of UFO sightings and after my best friend saw one crash we tried to explore the woods and find it. Watch with Prime.

Tonight we try to buy a clown online on the dark web and he showed up at my house at 3am! My best friend was considered one of the missing people in our home town.


This is how I found my missing friend alive on video after searching for him. Tonight I try to buy a girlfriend online off the dark web and she showed up at my house at 3am! Tonight ImJaystation tries to buy a pet puppy dog online off the dark web and she showed up at his house! Tonight ImJaystation tries to buy the scariest potion online off the dark web and it actually worked. Tonight ImJaystation tries to buy a house online off the dark web and it was booby-trapped. Tonight ImJaystation tries to buy a robot online off the dark web and it actually worked.

Halloween Flix

Tonight ImJaystation tries to buy Minecraft online off the dark web and it actually worked. Tonight ImJaystation tries to buy a car online off the dark web and it actually worked.

Tonight ImJaystation tries to buy a phone online off the dark web and it actually worked. Tonight ImJaystation sold his friend online on the dark web and it actually worked. Tonight Jay bought a hotel room online on the web and it actually worked.

Tonight Jay tries to have a boyfriend online and he showed up at his house! We Just Had A Baby! Tonight Jay tries to have a baby or a child online and it actually worked! We Are Never Coming Back. We are never coming back. Tonight ImJaystation tries to buy an Alexa online off the dark web and it actually worked! Tonight ImJaystation tries to catch a predator online on the dark web and it actually worked! Tonight ImJaystation tries to buy a real haunted Annabelle doll off the dark web and it actually worked.

Tonight Jay tries to have a girlfriend online and she showed up at his house at 3 am! Tonight ImJaystation tries cutting open a doll he bought online off the dark web.Jason's original JayStation channel had earnedsubscribers before being shut down. He launched his original channel in June of Jason has a sister named Jacqueline but doesn't appear in his videos. Jason lives in Ottawa, Canada, but goes to America and other countries for more haunted adventures.

In a video titled "Jaystation Is The Biggest Douchebag", Charlie Penguinz0 researched in Jason and found that Jason worked at a Costco with his mother and a Facebook post talking about the kind of person Jason is, on Jason's Facebook account by one of his friends; this post, however, is confirmed as unverified information by Charlie, but states "all of it sounds totally in line with the kind of person Jason appears to be, based on his videos".

Jason has been heavily criticized for his 3 AM videos, which notably has been known for being staged and completely fake, and which Jason was one of the notable YouTubers to do 3 AM videos and be known for faking them. It is unsure if Jason truly went to the forest, but had later got in Backlash with Keemstar, also known as DramaAlert.

Keemstar made a Tweet about his Suicide Forest video and Jason leeching the suicide forest for views. Jason then went on a rampage and made at least 20 tweets responding to Keemstar. Your un talented uncreative ass was so desperate for views you had to Leech off of the LoganPaul suicide Forrest vid. This was also featured in a video on the DramaAlert channel when it was hosted by Nudah, and Nudah said that Jason just got pummeled by Keemstar. As a few months passed by, the Copyright Takedown was successful and Jason's video was removed.

Jason has been heavily criticized for doing 3 AM challenges featuring a famous artist or a person who recently passed away. Jason quickly gained controversy for using XXXTentacion for views and money, which Jason had 4 ads on it. The video then made a like-to-dislike ratio. However, the video itself had made much more controversy than when he did use XXXTentacion. Jason's video made more dislikes than likes.

Since the passing of Etikawho died to suicide in JuneJason did what was done previously, and created a clickbait 3 AM Ouija Board challenge featuring Desmond Etikaa few hours after he was announced dead.

Instead, he explains about almost dying "one week ago" at the time of creating the video. He even goes as far as to say "If you don't feel how Etika did, you don't got depression.

Next time you sad, suck it up", essentially mocking people who suffer depression. Jason also talks about how YouTubers claim they were friends with Desmond but Jason replies saying that these YouTubers are lying and doing it for attention, while talking about them not having ads on their videos. Hypocritically, at the time the video was uploaded, Jason actually had ads on his video. He had also uploaded another video titled "I needed to say thisHey all the lovely readers!

Some of them are evidently clickbaits while there are some others which are genuinely frightening. This was the very time that doing a particular thing at 3am became so called trend on YouTube. Youtubers like imjaystation and Sam Golbach are famous for playing such demonic games.

Everyone knows about ouija boards, also know as the spirit board or talking board. It is a wooden board with numbers and alphabets arranged in a specific pattern.

imjaystation 3am challenge

Playing ouija at 3am is one of the main 3am challenge. But still youtubers continue to do such crazy things! For many sceptics ouija is just a wodden board with a couple of alphabets and numbers on it, but intention matters.

ImJayStation Scary Tales

Playing ouija with the intention of summoning a spirit at 3AM can lead to horrifying consequences. What can be creepier than voodoo! Either a hair strand or a little drop of their own blood. What else can we call this ritual else than voodoo!? Not only this posseded doll will try to find them but also it would try to kill the player as well! This game is also known as Hitori Kakurenbo in Japanese and it is played at midnight. This is again a paranormal game, the only difference it has is that it lasts only for one hour.

The player might also feel sudden change of temperature and vitness things moving while this game. Who does something that stupid, unless you want to die! I mean for me ouija itself is supper scary and now people for real draw ouija on their body and try to talk with spirits. This crazy idea of turning a human body into ouija. This is so freaking crazy!. Beside the game itself the consequences are even creepier.

The player might end up getting posseded! Now that can probably be the last thing that a person wishes for! These were just a few of the many paranormal games that you should never ever consider playing. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content Contact.

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